Unlock the Best Benefits: 2023 Loft Credit Card Review, Payments, and Customer Service

Annual Fee – 0$


  • You get an extra 15% off on your first purchase on your Loft credit card when you open and use your card at Loft.com.
  • You receive 20$ rewards card for your first purchase made outside of loft within 60 days of the card opening.
  • You earn 5 Rewards points for every dollar spent in-store or online at Loft. Ann Taylor, Lou, grey, etc.
  • You earn 2 Rewards Points for each dollar spent on gas and groceries purchases and 1 point on each dollar spent anywhere where Mastercard is accepted.
  • You receive a 5$ Reward point for every 500 points earned using a Loft credit card.
  • Birthday Present during your Birthday Month. You get an extra 15% off the main Tuesday of each and every month, combinable with every one of the stores’ advancements and offers.

APR on Buys

27.99% (V)

Balance Transfer
APR: 26.99%

Balance Transfer Fee
5% (min $10)

Loft Credit Card Review (2023)

  • Great beginning discounts Like the Ann Taylor Mastercard and the Ann Taylor Store Card, the Space Mastercard gives you 15% off your most memorable qualifying buy. That implies any buy made at any Ann Taylor or Space store area or through one of their separate sites. This isn’t in the top level of first-buy limits – some retailer affiliates’ cards offer 20% to 30% off – but it’s close
  • Extraordinary continuous prizes. The Loft Credit Card gives you 5 points per $1 spent at Loft and Ann Taylor, which likens to 5% back since 2,000 focuses gets you $20 in store credit. You’ll likewise get 2 points per $1 burned through (2% back) on gas and basic food item buys, and 1 point for each $1 burned through (1% back) on all the other things.
  • Treats consistently. In addition to the fact that the Loft Credit Card gives you $15 off an in-store buy during your birthday month every year, except it likewise qualifies you for 15% off Ann Taylor and Space buys each Tuesday. Maybe that is the reason they call it the Adoration Love loft Card.
  • No yearly charge. Retailer-associated Visas by and large don’t charge yearly expenses, so this is actually not a big deal. However, all else being equivalent, not paying for your Loft Card is most certainly better compared to the other option.
  • Exceptionally terrible APR. The typical Credit cards for individuals with great and fantastic credit charge revenue at yearly paces of 21.2% and 15.16%, separately. The Ann Taylor Space Visa, which requires great or incredible credit for endorsement, has a high APR. That implies you certainly don’t have to carry a balance from one month to another.
  • Just for good credit and better. The way that the Loft Mastercard expects to some degree great credit for endorsement implies you ought to make a point to check your Credit Card prior to applying. However, don’t stress excessively assuming you find that you’re probably not going to qualify. The Ann Taylor Store Card just requests fair credit for endorsement and offers almost indistinguishable prizes, including the 15% first-buy markdown and 5 Points per $1 spent at Ann Taylor and Space.

How to Make a Loft Credit Card Payment.
Ladies’ clothing retailer Loft Credit Offeroffers two Mastercards: the Space Visa and the Space Mastercard, the two of which empower customers to procure rewards.
With the two cards, you’ll get $20 off when you first open and utilize your card, 15% off the principal Tuesday of each and every month, a birthday reward, 5 prizes focuses per $1 spent at Ann Inc. stores and a $10 compensation for each 1,000 focuses procured. The Loft Mastercard offers extra advantages, including focuses procured on all buys and a $20 prize for making your most memorable qualifying buy inside the initial 60 days of card possession.
Procuring rewards and rewards is an extraordinary motivation. It’s likewise vital to make your Space Visa installment an opportunity to try not to pay late expenses and financing cost expands that can harm your Credit Score. Comenity Bank at present offers cardholders three choices for paying their Loft Credit Card accounts.

How To Make a Loft Credit Card Payment Online
To make a Space Mastercard installment on the web, you will initially have to enlist for online record access. How it’s done:
Go to the login page for the Loft Credit Card or Loft Mastercard and click “Register Now.”
Enter your Mastercard account number, your ZIP or postal code, and the last four digits of your Government backed retirement number.
Click “Find My Account.”
Follow the prompts to make a username and password for your Loft Credit Card login.

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